We are as ILMAKSAN AIR CONDITIONING/HVAC SYSTEMS MACHINES LTD. CO. We would like to introduce ourselves as the producer and exporter of “Air Conditioning/HVAC Systems Machines” and also sheet metal folding/bending machines. As Ilmaksan we manufacture and supply air condition machines, pittsburgh lock machines, flange machines, length cutting machines, electrical roll formers, decoilers, hand operated folding machines, folding machines, metal sheet processing machines, metal sheet cutting machines, metal strip straightening machines, air condition machinery, lock machinery, folding machineries. We do business in Russia,Saudi Arabia,Egypt,Tunis,Germany,the Balkan States (Bulgaria,Romania,Serbia,Georgia),Turkish Republics (Azerbaijan,Turkmenistan,Kazakhstan,Kyrgyzstan,Uzbekistan),Cyprus,Irak,Iran. Day by day we expand our market field. Our product portfolio is : Pittsburgh Lock Machine Duct Forming Machine Duct Zipper Machine Spiraduct Machine Elbow Maker Plazma Decoiler Flange Cutting Machine Flanging Machine Flange Machine Hand Operated Folding Machine Z Profile Panel Machine Length Cutting Machine Cold Room Accessory Corner Machine Our corporation, which was established as ILMAKSAN Air Condition Machine Manufacturer Industry Co. in 1995 was named ILMAKSAN Air Condition Machine Manufacturer Industry Import/Export Co. with adding the names import and export in 2004, is going on working in the 1600 m² closed area in the air-condition sector in Izmir.All ILMAKSAN machines are manufactured with the CE,Gost-R and ISO 9001-2008 Quality Certificates. We use all innovations of techonology on our manufactured machines and in order to responding demands of clients we always improve ourselves as our techonology, products,quality.ext. ILMAKSAN can meet all the expectations of its customers with successful staff. Our company has become a demanded brand with our service guarantee, with satisfaction of our clients, serious commercial principle and our ethical standarts of profession without any compromising quality in Turkey and all around the world from United Arab Emirates, Europen Countries, Africa, Russia to Turkish Republics and The Balkan States. In case you are interested in our company and products,we would be happy to contact you and send any further information regarding the specifications and quotations of the products. Yours Faithfully

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